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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind the Smart logo?

So if there’s meaning behind this company’s name, then it shouldn’t be a surprise the logo represents something too. On the surface, the smart emblem is what it appears to be: the letter ‘C’ and an arrow, typically yellow. The letter ‘C’ stands for “compact,” acknowledging the iconic size of the smart cars that sets them apart.

Does the Smart Car name and emblem possess hidden meaning?

Yes, the smart Car Name and Emblem Possess Hidden Meanings! The smart brand is owned by Diamler AG, which produces and markets microcars in nearly four dozen countries.

Who is the CEO of smart?

Annette Winkler has served as Smart’s CEO since 2010.Smart utilizes a lowercase logotype within its marking and a logo fusing the letter “c” for “smaller” and a bolt for “forward considering”. The outline idea for Smart’s vehicles started in the late 1980s, connected with Swatch.

Who is Smart Automobile?

Smart Automobile is a division of Daimler AG that plans, makes and markets microcars. Headquartered in Böblingen, Germany, Smart has its essential gathering plant in Hambach, France.

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