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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sell an used boat?

How to sell a boat quicker Decide your route: use a broker or sell privately? ... Presenting your boat for sale While a key early decision is whether to appoint a broker to handle the sale, the first vital step is always to ensure ... Set a price: how to value a boat for sale This is a conundrum for many people, with many owners falling into the trap of making an overly ... More items...

What is a small flat bottom boat?

A flat-bottomed boat is a boat with a flat bottomed, two-chined hull, which allows it be used in shallow bodies of water, such as rivers, because it is less likely to ground.

What is a small boat?

small boat - a boat that is small. boat - a small vessel for travel on water. canoe - small and light boat; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle. cockleshell - a small light flimsy boat. coracle - a small rounded boat made of hides stretched over a wicker frame; still used in some parts of Great Britain.

What is a commercial fishing boat?

Fishing boats are designed and used for catching fish in both salt and fresh water. Commercial fishing boats are used for deep sea fishing excursions. Some commercial boats are equipped with nets or traps that can catch a large number of fish at once. Mahi-mahi, a popular type of sport fishing fish.

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