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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes sirup so special?

SIRUP’s straightforward and piercingly honest lyrics resonate, move and heal the hearts of an immensely wide range of listeners, and his powerful voice constantly attracts and tightly grips the attention of those who take the

What is Scandinavian sirap?

Light syrup is often used as a topping while dark syrup is used as an ingredient. Today, when you find Scandinavian sirap it is produced by Dansukker. Sugar was a luxury that only the aristocracy could enjoy at the time of the opening of Sweden's first sugar refinery in the middle of the 17th century.

What is the density of sirup?

One pint sugar and one-half pint water gives sirup of 32 density. The use of the sirup gauge and care not to boil the sirup too violently would do away with all uncertainty in jelly making.

What is sirap made from?

Most sirap is produced under this label and the two syrups, light and dark, come from beet's sugar, rather than corn like most commercial American syrups do. Getting your online order of Scandinavian sirap might take a few days, and many traditional holiday cookie recipes call for the use of sirap.

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