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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIMTech doing to support the manufacturing industry in Singapore?

He oversees the three Centres and Innovation Factory at the institute to support the manufacturing companies in Singapore. Over the last five years, SIMTech has completed more than 3,277 industry projects with 2,163 companies and licensed 417 technologies to the industry. John serves in various national committees.

What does SIMTech stand for?

Dr Zeng Xianting is Director of the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) of Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

Who is SIMTech and what did Stephen do?

Prior to joining SIMTech, Stephen spent several years in the electronics industry developing sustainable manufacturing solutions such CFC-free cleaning for disk drives, no-clean soldering process, and lead-free soldering for electronics packaging.

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