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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SIMTech solutions?

Our clients comprise over 1/8th of the HUD regions across the US, which account for over 30% of US census tracts, providing both a breadth and depth of information that can be leveraged to prevent people from ever falling into homelessness. At our core, Simtech Solutions Inc. is a cause-driven technology services provider.

What is counting US?

Our app, Counting Us, is the most widely used mobile app designed specifically for the HUD Point in Time count. Recognized by HUD and CityLab, this work is having an unprecedented impact on the integrity of our nation's annual homeless count.

Why SIMTech thermoplastic systems?

Click here for details. Simtech thermoplastic systems convey, contain and control high-purity water, corrosive fluids and chemical fumes. We work with engineers, OEMs, distributors and contractors to help your project succeed from start to finish.

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