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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIMTech™?

SimTech™ is a powerful, cost-effective injection molding machine simulator that easily bridges the gap between training courses of all kinds and your production floor. Watch the SimTech Video.

How long does it take to become a SIMTech?

Depending on the specifics and goals of a simulation laboratory or workplace, employers may require their SimTechs to have anywhere from one to three years of experience in learning-based simulation technology.

Why choose SIMTech valves and controls?

All Simtech valves and controls are industrial-grade, made from the highest quality materials and designed for reliability and long service life. We can safely handle everything from the highest purity water to the most aggressive chemicals.

Why choose Simtek® fence?

Beautiful, rustic SimTek® fence offers superior durability and performance for creating a quiet and private outdoor living space. Enhance your yard with this innovative alternative to traditional masonry or wood.

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