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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose SIMTech for your project?

Simtech specializes in producing custom subassemblies and spool pieces in single-wall, double wall and duct to complete your project on-time and in-spec. Whether it’s to complete a Simtech system, or to repair an existing system of similar material, we can help.

Why choose SIMTech for pressure piping?

Simtech offers several outstanding, stress-relieved piping systems to handle a wide range of high purity and industrial pressure piping and environmental containment applications. By “value engineering” we mean we will always recommend a solution that is no more or no less than exactly what your conditions of service require.

What is SIMTech containtech?

Simtech’s ContainTech™ has been the most reliable double containment piping system on the market since 1984. Available in four materials in sizes up to 20" x 24". Simtech offers state-of-the-art socket, butt and IR fusion equipment for field or workshop welding of thermoplastic pipe and fittings.

Why choose SIMTech valves and controls?

All Simtech valves and controls are industrial-grade, made from the highest quality materials and designed for reliability and long service life. We can safely handle everything from the highest purity water to the most aggressive chemicals.

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