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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose simsimtech development?

Simtech Development is a web development company launched in 2005 and concentrating on the eCommerce market. Since then we have helped thousands of brands from 170 countries to launch, grow, optimize and scale the business globally. We respect your values and your principals.

What does a SIMTech engineer do?

SimTech engineers develop and test prototype hardware and support missile sensor testing in laboratory and range environments. SimTech programmers provide specialized codes for real-time and high resolution digital scene generation, as well as software to control hardware interfaces for HIL simulations.

What kind of training does SIMTech offer?

Simtech also offers construction related training and skills development. These include technical training in Building and Construction related trades for apprentices, learnerships, skills programmes and short courses. The apprentice programmes currently on offer include: rpl

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