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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a septic protection system?

Our products are designed to protect onsite wastewater systems, also known as septic systems. They not only protect those systems, but they optimize their performance as well as make them easier to install and maintain 24-7-365.

What is the SIMTech stf-110?

The SimTech STF-110 is a 4” effluent filter that uses bristles to filter the effluent. The bristle filters offer flexibility not offered by traditional effluent filters. The bristles contour to the shape of your pipe or baffle.

What is a SIM/Tech bristle filter?

The SIM/tech bristle filters offer superior filtration for tissue, hair, lint, and most common solids found in wastewater The STF-110 bristle filter easily installs in any existing 4'' Pipe or baffle and its flexible design allows for easy maintenance! Rated to filter 1200 gallons per day New (3) from $44.47 & FREE Shipping.

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