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Frequently Asked Questions

What is simsimnsa?

SIMNSA is one of the largest private health care delivery systems in Baja California; with more than 200 participating physicians covering all specialties of medicine.

What services does simnsa offer?

SIMNSA provides a full range of health care services within our health plans. Each plan differs based on small variations in co-pay structure. You can now use our site to schedule, change or cancel routine appointments and doctor visits in real time. We'd like to show you more of the benefits SIMNSA offers to both employers and employees.

How to contact simsimnsa health plan?

SIMNSA Health Plan - Your Health Comes First - Home Tijuana 664 231 4747 From USA 800 800 1491 Send us a Message

How do I contact imagenología simnsa?

Imagenología Simnsa Telephone: 01 800 800-1491 (619) 407-4082 ext 8-8

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