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How much did silver cost in 1981?

1981 Silver Prices - Daily Silver Price Fix Data Below Date Silver prices in US dollars per troy oun ... October 15, 1981 $9.69 oz October 16, 1981 $9.50 oz October 19, 1981 $9.36 oz October 20, 1981 $9.23 oz 71 more rows ...

What was the price of gold in the 1980s?

From 1978 to 1980, the world had a US dollar price quadrupling (4X) of crude oil prices, a quintupling (5X) of platinum prices, a six-folding (6X) of palladium prices, and a gold price spike more than quadrupling (4X) from $200 USD oz in early 1978 to a then record high of $850 oz by January 21, 1980.

What is the history of the silver price?

- Ancient silver price history, going back millennia before the founding of the USA and other before-Christ empires. - Silver Investing fundamentals: physical supply-demand factors today. - Even daily silver price data spanning from 1967 through 2017.

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