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Frequently Asked Questions

What is real silver price?

Technically, LBMA Silver above $24.00 level could see $25.10- $25.44 levels. Support is at $23.20-$22.70 levels. Domestic silver prices could start flat this Tuesday morning, tracking overseas prices. Technically, MCX Silver December above Rs 65,000 level could see Rs 65,600-66,100 levels.

What is the cheapest way to buy silver?

Cheapest Way to Buy Silver Online. Money Metals Exchange makes investing in silver bullion easy by providing various packages and products of silver rounds, silver bars, or silver coins for investment, that allow you to purchase silver cheap. A great way to participate in the precious metals market is to buy silver bullion coins and bars.

What is the current price of silver?

Presently, Endeavour Silver Corp. shares are logging -44.72% during the 52-week period from high price, and 16.26% higher than the lowest price point for the same timeframe. The stock’s price range for the 52-week period managed to maintain the performance between $3.69 and $7.76.

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