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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to Silver Dollar City?

Dress comfortably! Shorts, jeans, capris, tank tops, t shirts, whatever you're most comfortable in. I always take a 'shirt' or jacket --- they tend to turn down the thermostat for the indoor shows ---- I"m always cold inside. The walkways are paved, so flip flops work fine.

Is Silver Dollar City Open on Christmas Day?

During An Old Time Christmas, Silver Dollar City is open Thursdays through Sundays through December 21, plus Wednesday, November 26 and Monday – Tuesday, Dec. 22-23, closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and open daily December 26-30.

Do silver dollars city take American Express?

Silver Dollar City does not take AMERICAN EXPRESS. Glad we had a different card with us. We had fun non-the-less. Went on a Thursday. ( look up the specials on the website for the summer $30 Thursdays. You have to by them at a country mart or Price Cutter.)

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