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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the movie Silent Night based on a true story?

This year my Christmas selection is the movie “Silent Night”. It was made for television (Hallmark) and released in 2002. It was directed by Rodney Gibbons and stars Linda Hamilton. It is based on a true story that is set in the Battle of the Bulge at Christmas time in 1944. You can watch the entire movie on You Tube.

What is the movie Silent Night about?

Silent Night is a 2012 American horror film directed by Steven C. Miller and starring Jaime King, Malcolm McDowell, Donal Logue, Brendan Fehr, and Ellen Wong. It is a loose remake of Charles E. Sellier Jr.'s 1984 film Silent Night, Deadly Night but adds new plot points taken from the real life Covina massacre that occurred in 2008.

What was the original version of Silent Night?

Silent Night written by Joseph Mohr and originally composed by Franz Xaver Gruber is a traditional Christmas carol. It is translated from the German version of the song Stille Nacht. It is sung by Santana.

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