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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use sign up genius?

Using Sign up Genius has simplified the… Using Sign up Genius has simplified the process of organising online sessions wi... Very helpful in planning school events! Very helpful in planning school events! Easy for everyone to use. Easy for everyone to use. Sign Up Genius is my GO TO!!! Sign Up Genius is my go to!

Who is the SignUpGenius team?

Dottie's SignUpGenius superpowers of finding great talent, mapping out human resources strategies, and connecting great culture and benefits to our team have earned her a good bit of awe at the office. That's nothing compared to what her family thinks of her cooking and chicken tending skills, which she cleverly employs at home on their hobby farm.

How do I remove the SignUpGenius app from my account?

Navigate to the Settings page Under the settings page, select Apps In the Apps page, look for the SignUpGenius app, click the 'X' button to remove the app Click 'Remove' when presented with the confirmation window After you have completed the above steps, you may close this dialog window. You may then re-try the login via Facebook process.

How do I login to SignUpGenius via Facebook?

To login via Facebook, your email address is required. Your email address is what connects your Facebook account with SignUpGenius. To re-try this process, you must complete the following steps: For your reference, do not close this dialog window

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