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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential parts of a signaling pathway?

What are the Essential Parts of a Signaling Pathway. Signaling pathway mostly includes a ligand, receptor and also signal transmission cascade. In between, there can also be enzymes and other micro-elements which help in the processing of a sufficient signal.

What do you need to know about AMPK signaling pathway?

AMPK is a general term for a natural process in your body, a pathway that can be activated by certain compounds and activity that sends a signal from your mitochondria that they are low on energy. This signaling pathway causes your body to begin to metabolize fat to create the preferred keytone energy of the mitochondria.

What is the importance of the Wnt signaling pathway?

The pathway, Wnt signaling, is known to play a critical role in cell survival, embryonic development and synaptic activity - the electrical and chemical signals necessary for learning and memory.

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