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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of SIG-NALS in the pathway of signal transduction?

Such modification sig- nals control the activity, macromolecular assembly and location of signaling proteins, and as such are major tools for shaping signaling pathways.

What is a linear signaling pathway?

Linear signaling pathways – Signal flows in a linear manner through hier- archically organized signaling components – No branching and crosstalk, therefore oversimplification 361 Basics of Cell Signaling Fig. 1.13: (a) Linearity, branching and crosstalk in in- tracellular signaling.

What is the function of intercellular signaling pathways?

Intercellular signaling pathways are also critical for the processing of sensory information. External stimuli, such as optical and acoustic signals, stress, gradients of nutrients, etc., are registered in sensory cells and are transmitted to other cells of the organism via intercel- lular signaling pathways.

What are the basic principles of cell signaling?

21 Basics of Cell Signaling Fig. 1.1: Inter- and intracellular signaling. The major way of intercellular communication uses messenger substances (hormones) that are secreted by signal-producing cells and are registered by target cells. All cells produce and receive multiple, diverse signals.

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