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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of SIG-NALS in the pathway of signal transduction?

Such modification sig- nals control the activity, macromolecular assembly and location of signaling proteins, and as such are major tools for shaping signaling pathways.

What is a linear signaling pathway?

Linear signaling pathways – Signal flows in a linear manner through hier- archically organized signaling components – No branching and crosstalk, therefore oversimplification 361 Basics of Cell Signaling Fig. 1.13: (a) Linearity, branching and crosstalk in in- tracellular signaling.

What is the structure of intracellular signaling pathways?

The structure of the intracellular signaling pathways of a cell are highly variable. There are signal transduction pathways that are much simpler than the one represented here, and others that involve many more compo- nents and are much more com- plicated. e.g. rhodopsin in the vision process.

What are the basic principles of cell signaling?

21 Basics of Cell Signaling Fig. 1.1: Inter- and intracellular signaling. The major way of intercellular communication uses messenger substances (hormones) that are secreted by signal-producing cells and are registered by target cells. All cells produce and receive multiple, diverse signals.

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