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Frequently Asked Questions

What are signaling molecules?

Signaling molecules are the molecules that are responsible for transmitting information between cells in your body. The size, shape, and function of different types of signaling molecules can vary greatly. Some carry signals over short distances, while others transmit information over very long distances.

What is an example of signaling in a cell?

Examples: Cytokines like the prostaglandins show this type of signaling This is a type of cell signal where a cell gives a signal to itself. A signal molecule is released out of the cell. This molecule, in return, acts and gives a signal to the same cell through surface receptors.

What molecules carry signals from one cell to another?

Many cell signals are carried by molecules that are released by one cell and move to make contact with another cell. Signaling molecules can belong to several chemical classes: lipids, phospholipids, amino acids, monoamines, proteins, glycoproteins, or gases.

What gases act as signaling molecules in the human body?

Only two other such gases are currently known to act as signaling molecules in the human body: nitric oxide and carbon monoxide. Exocytosis is the process by which a cell transports molecules such as neurotransmitters and proteins out of the cell.

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