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Frequently Asked Questions

What molecules are usually involved in signal transduction?

Many signal transduction pathways amplify the initial signal, so that one molecule of ligand can lead to the activation of many molecules of a downstream target. The molecules that relay a signal are often proteins. However, non-protein molecules like ions and phospholipids can also play important roles.

What acts as a signal molecule in a cell cytoplasm?

Calcium signaling is the use of calcium ions (Ca 2+) to communicate and drive intracellular processes often as a step in signal transduction. Ca 2+ is important for cellular signalling, for once it enters the cytosol of the cytoplasm it exerts allosteric regulatory effects on many enzymes and proteins.

What molecule is used by cells as an energy source?

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is the primary source of energy in both plant and animal cells. ATP is a nucleotide that is the basis for all cell reactions, including the reactionary process of converting food molecules into energy.

What type of cells perform glycolysis?

In glycolysis, glucose is converted to a carbon-based molecule called pyruvate. Two molecules of adenosinse tri-phosphate (ATP), a nucleotide that provides energy to cells, are generated during this process.

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