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Frequently Asked Questions

How do peptide hormones bind to receptors?

Peptide hormones released from the anterior pituitary bind to specific receptors on a limited number of cell types (steroidogenic cells). Signals resulting from this binding are amplified through the production of steroid hormones, leading to the regulation of transcription of genes in all cells.

Are peptide hormones important signaling molecules in plants?

Peptide hormones have been recognized as important signaling molecules in animals for more than 100 years, for their critical roles in neural and endocrine systems ( Edlund and Jessell, 1999; Takei and Hirose, 2002 ). The involvement of peptide hormones in plants, however, has been realized for less than 30 years.

What are signaling molecules and how do they work?

Signaling molecules are either membrane permeable (e.g., steroid hormones) or membrane impermeable (e.g., peptide hormones, biogenic amines) and cells have evolved separate response mechanisms for each type.

Why are peptide hormones used as intracellular hormones?

Peptide hormones have a short half-life, meaning they break apart quickly. This allows organisms to use peptide hormones to direct processes quickly and efficiently, without the signal lingering for a long time. This makes peptide hormones ideal candidates for intracellular hormones, operating within cells.

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