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Frequently Asked Questions

How do signaling molecules work?

Signaling molecules can bind to receptors on the surface of another cell or the same cell. Different types of signaling molecules transmit information in multicellular organisms, and their mechanisms of action on their target cells can be diverse.

How do extracellular signal proteins work?

Neighboring Cells Compete for Extracellular Signal Proteins Many Types of Normal Animal Cells Need Anchorage to Grow and Proliferate Some Extracellular Signal Proteins Inhibit Cell Growth, Cell Division, and Survival Intricately Regulated Patterns of Cell Division Generate and Maintain Body Form

Which extracellular signal molecules regulate cell size and cell number?

The extracellular signal molecules that regulate cell size and cell number are generally either soluble secreted proteins, proteins bound to the surface of cells, or components of the extracellular matrix. The factors that promote organ or organism growth can be operationally divided into three major classes: 1.

What are the types of cell-cell signaling?

Cell signaling mechanisms Five major types of cell-cell signaling are considered (Figure 3-1): 1. Endocrine cell signaling involves a signaling molecule, called a hormone, secreted by an endocrine cell and transported through the circulation to act on distant target cells.

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