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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn sign language in New York City?

Check out some great companies that learn with us. Welcome to American Sign Language Classes in New York City. We provides beginner to advanced classes, Private Tutor, workshop, and more. Our educational philosophy encourages you to express yourself in a fun and personal form. Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Is New York Language Center-Bronx the best school to come?

I think that New York Language Center -Bronx is the best school to come and learn English. Many people come to this school to learn how to speak and write English. After 2 months students can read and write better. I have recommend this school to many of my friends and..."

What is ASL NYC?

This is when ASL NYC was born. American Sign Language NYC (ASL NYC) was founded in 2015; our goal is to make American Sign Language accessible and relevant while keeping in mind the linguistic structure and Deaf culture roots. ASL NYC is the advanced and flexible way to learn and study American Sign Language anywhere globally.

How do I contact the school in the Bronx?

Please contact 1-718-561-6000 to learn more information. Our Bronx school, which is located in the heart of the Bronx’s central shopping district, is easy to reach by public transportation and major highways.

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