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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in the free sign language class?

In this unit of the free sign language class, you will be learning how to fingerspell. Visit the Online Course Vocabulary Category for this unit to view videos of these phrases and vocabulary words.

What is American Sign Language (ASL)?

The first advanced course in the study of American Sign Language (ASL) is an intensive study of the linguistic structure of English and American Sign Language (ASL). Students explore the syntactic similarities and differences between the two languages and learn how to find functional equivalence between the two languages. 3 Credit Hours

What is the ASL course about?

Various interpreting settings are examined, with special emphasis on educational interpreting, interpreter licensure and the national interpreting evaluation process. This course provides a foundation for non-signers to study American Sign Language (ASL) and learn about deaf culture.

What do you study in Sign Language Therapy?

Focusing on development of receptive and expressive sign skills, manual alphabet, numbers, sign vocabulary, syntax, grammar and culture. Continue to study American Sign Language (ASL) grammatical structure, vocabulary, fingerspelling, use of signing space, conversational regulators and introductory aspects of deaf culture.

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