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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you log in to your Microsoft account?

To log into Outlook, navigate to the Microsoft account login page ( and enter your e-mail address and associated password. If the e-mail address is already saved on the login page, select it, enter your password, and select Sign In.

How do I sign up to a Microsoft account?

Creating Microsoft Account on the Microsoft Sign-Up Page Access the Microsoft sign-up page. Click on “Sign up now.” This will be on the right of the sign-up page. Enter your full name and then select a username. Create a password next. Enter your country, birthdate, and gender last. Verify the information given. Click “Create Account” at the bottom.

How do you sign in Microsoft account?

Open the Xbox app. Select Settings. Select Sign Out. Select Sign In. Under Use another account, select Sign in with a different Microsoft account. In the Choose an account window, select the Microsoft account that you want to sign in with. If prompted, enter the credentials associated with that Microsoft account.

How do I sign in Microsoft?

Here's how: Go to the Microsoft account page and select Sign in with Microsoft. Enter your emaill address or phone number and password. To save your Microsoft account and password on your PC so that you don't have to sign in every time, select the Keep me signed in check box.

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