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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sibiu located?

Sibiu is situated near the geographical center of Romania at 45°47′34″N 24°09′07″E / 45.792784°N 24.152069°E / 45.792784; 24.152069. Set in the Cibin Depression, the city is about 20 km from the Făgăraș Mountains, 12 km from the Cibin Mountains, and about 15 km from the Lotru Mountains, which border the depression in its southwestern section.

What to do in Sibiu?

In Sibiu there are 20 educational institutions on the secondary level, the most important of which are: Stadionul Municipal, currently under renovation. The city houses a football stadium, a multi-functional arena building ( Sala Transilvania ), a rugby court, a municipal pool and several private tennis courts.

Why is Sibiu the capital of Romania’s Orthodox Church?

After the Romanian Orthodox Church was granted status in the Austrian Empire from the 1860s onwards, Sibiu became the Metropolitan seat, and the city is still regarded as the third-most important centre of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

What are the sports teams in Sibiu?

Currently, FC Hermannstadt is the only major football team representing Sibiu. CSU Sibiu, one of the best Romanian basketball teams at the moment, represents Sibiu in the top tier of Romanian basketball, Liga Națională . The city's handball team is called CSM Sibiu.

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