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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sibiu located?

Sibiu was initially a Daco-Roman city called Cedonia. The town was refounded by the Saxons (German) settlers brought there by the king Géza II of Hungary.

Why stay at the Mercure Hotel Sibiu airport?

The fully renovated, 4-star Mercure Hotel Sibiu Airport offers its guests an authentic local experience with a concept focused on the historic center and the Saxon communities of Hermannstadt. The hotel has an ideal location, allowing quick access to all part of Sibiu.

Why is Sibiu the capital of Romania’s Orthodox Church?

After the Romanian Orthodox Church was granted status in the Austrian Empire from the 1860s onwards, Sibiu became the Metropolitan seat, and the city is still regarded as the third-most important centre of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Why should you visit Sibiu?

Renowned composers Strauss, Brahms and Liszt all played here during the 19th century, and Sibiu has stayed at the forefront of Romania’s cultural scene through its festivals of opera, theatre and film, as well as rock, jazz and more.

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