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What does shread mean?

vi. 1. music: to play distorted electric lead guitar in a manner which is at once so extremely cogent and rapid that listener experiences the sensation that the production of the sound should be impossible or nearly impossible. 2. surfing: performing a series of cutbacks requiring seemingly impossible adeptness.

What is another word for shred?

synonyms for shred Compare Synonyms fragment iota modicum ounce sliver smidgen snippet speck whit atom bit crumb grain jot part particle rag ray ribbon scintilla scrap shadow stitch tatter trace cantlet See also synonyms for: shredded / shredding Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing antonyms for shred MOST RELEVANT lot whole

What is another word for shredded?

Synonyms for shred in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for shred. 71 synonyms for shred: tear up, rip up, cut up, mince, chop finely, strip, bit, piece, scrap, fragment, rag ...

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