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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shredder Chess?

Welcome to Shredder Chess. The Shredder chess programs by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen provide a game playing and analysis tool for everybody and are accepted as one of the best chess programs of the world. Since 1996 Shredder has won nineteen titles as World Computer Chess Champion which makes Shredder the most successful chess program ever.

How do I solve the daily updated chess puzzles?

Solve our daily updated chess puzzles with three levels of difficulty. To enter the solution, click on the desired piece and drag it to the target square. In some puzzles you have to enter a series of moves. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

How do I play Shredder?

Play a game of chess against the fun levels of Shredder on our servers directly in your browser. To enter a move, click on a piece and drag it to the desired square. You can choose between three playing levels.

How long has the Shredder been around?

1 Well Established 2 First Shredder made in 1993 3 Commercially since 1997 4 One of the most famous names in computer chess 5 Accepted as one of the best chess programs of the world More ...

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