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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is snowboarding more popular than skiing?

Snowboarding is simply cooler than skiing. The act of snowboarding itself has a different flow and feel to it than skiing, which makes it a more creative and visually appealing snowsport. Since snowboarding can attribute much of its style to other boardsports like skateboarding, it inherently comes with an appeal that skiing can't match.

What are the basics of snowboarding?

Keep your board across the slope and on the uphill edge when you stand up so you don't slide down the hill. Your hips should be over the heel-side edge as you find the balance point. Bend your knees, as if you're sitting down in a chair. ... Slowly shift weight toward the front foot and let that front foot flatten a bit. ... More items...

Which is better skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing is better than snowboarding on ice (two edges), moguls (independent leg movement), and traverses (poles help you propel and two independent legs let you take and hold a higher line). Same with flat to uphill runouts. It's also easier getting off a chair in skis than a snowboard.

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