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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for foot pain?

Orthofeet shoes are biomechanically engineered with innovative features that enhance comfort and help alleviate pain: Orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support reduces pronation, straighten the foot, and help alleviate foot pain.

What are the best shoes for feet?

Careful consideration of footwear and socks is essential. Well-fitting shoes made of leather, which allow your feet to breathe, are best. Athletic shoes using nylon mesh for breathability are also recommended for sweaty feet.

Why do shoes hurt my feet?

Corns and calluses are usually caused by shoes that don’t fit properly and rub or put a large amount of pressure on a certain part of your foot. If you wear uncomfortable heels often, these shoes can often cause corns and calluses because of the pressure being put on the feet.

What are the best sneakers for walking?

Some of the best brands are Asics, Brooks, Saucony and New Balance. A newcomer to the Best Walking Shoes List are Ryka walking shoes. They are stylish, affordable (less than $100) and receive great ratings by walkers. If there is a style for your foot type, give them some consideration.

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