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Frequently Asked Questions

Can black shoes be worn with tan pants?

Black shoes can be worn with tan pants. The rules for casual apparel are less constricting than those normally followed in formal wear, where black shoes with lighter pants may seem too stark a contrast.

What are the most comfortable sneakers for women?

The Vionic Women’s Drift Tokyo Leisure Sneakers are some of the most comfortable walking shoes available today. They have lightweight, flexible construction for uninterrupted movement.

What is black sole shoes?

Hall of Fame. Running shoes have black soles because the sole/tread is made of carbon rubber and its the carbon which marks. The carbon is used to prolong the life of the sole. Tennis shoes, basketball shoes and indoor rqt sport shoes which may have black sole don't not contain carbon and are therefore non-marking.

What are black and white saddle shoes?

The classic black and white saddle shoe is an icon of the 1950s although it started before the 1920s and remained popular until the 1970s. The saddle oxford shoe is a white or light color lace-up oxford with black or dark color band around the middle.

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