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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shipping Mark?

Definition of shipping mark : an identifying word, number, or symbol placed on freight to designate the consignee, destination, weight, and related information

What is cargo marking?

Marking (for marks) - It is the marking on the cargo to indicate the country of origin where the article was produced. Marking:Letters, numbers, and other symbols placed on cargo packages to facilitate identification.

What shipping marks should be printed on the boxes?

Speaking of certain examples, the following shipping marks have to be printed on the boxes for the international freight: number of carton (example: 1/230; 2/230; 3/230…); country of destination. For the warehouses or distribution centers’ purposes the next shipping marks might be required:

What is the meaning of marking?

Marking. Marking means a descriptive name, identification number, instructions, cautions, weight, specification, or UN marks, or combinations thereof, required on outer packagings of hazardous materials or dangerous goods. Must be durable, in English, and printed on or affixed to the surface of a package or on a label, tag, or sign.

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