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Frequently Asked Questions

What does shipping Mark mean?

A shipping mark is a symbol, word or number written on freight for easy identification of cargo. It shows the handler what type of product the shipment contains and other useful information, such as weight, size, destination, country of origin and consignee. Shipping companies follow certain rules in placing shipping marks.

What is a shipper slang?

shipper (plural shippers) (fandom slang) One involved in shipping (fan fiction based on romantic relationships between characters). 2013, Jennifer K. Stuller, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (page 42) For creative fans and committed 'shippers, fanfiction continues the interaction — the dialogue, the conversation, the story […]

What is the shipping method?

The Shipping Method is a QuickCode used to define specific shipping methods. For example: Ground, Express, or Air. You can associate shipping methods with lead times in the Inter-org Shipping Methods window. See: Defining Inter-organization Shipping Networks.

What is sea mark?

A sea mark, also seamark and navigation mark, is a form of aid to navigation and pilotage that identifies the approximate position of a maritime channel, hazard, or administrative area to allow boats, ships, and seaplanes to navigate safely.

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