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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by shipping address?

A shipping address is an address where a buyer or receiver would want their merchandise delivered to . The definition is derived from the meaning of the term shipping which means the process of transporting items. What is a Billing Address? A billing address is an address that is connected to a specific form of payment.

What does shipping address mean?

shipping address and delivery address are one the same. Explanation: 'Shipping address' is actually more common, but these are the same thing - the address where the parcel is going. The address where you pick up the parcel is usually termed "pick up address.".

What is the difference between a billing and shipping address?

• Shipping address is the address where the customer wants the products to be delivered whereas billing address is the address where the customer wants the bill to be sent. • If you have both the addresses as same, just enter the billing address and in the column of shipping address, enter the same address.

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