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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sharjah customs work with other departments?

Sharjah Customs cooperates with many related governmental departments such as medical departments, veterinary quarantines, the police, coastal guards, the media, etc. Sharjah Customs coordinates with all customs departments in the UAE through continuous communication with the Federal Customs Authority (FCA).

How to contact OSS me in Sharjah?

Specialized in Yard Storage, Warehousing, Distribution & Customs clearance in Sharjah, Dubai and other parts of emirates. Contact Information [email protected] us: +971 50 9322 335 P.O Box 42163Hamriyah Free ZoneSharjahUnited Arab Emirates

Why choose OSS FZC for Cargo Clearance?

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE We offer end-to-end services related to yard storage, warehousing, cargo movement and customs clearance through the ports of Sharjah, Dubai & Northern Emirates. OSS FZC’s storage facilities are strategically located at one of the most geographically convenient locations in Sharjah, UAE, helping our customers speed to market.

What is the role of the Department of trade in Sharjah?

The department also developed its services to cope with the growth of the trade exchange in the Emirate of Sharjah, introducing e-services that speed up the completion of transactions in such attractive way for investors that can reduce smuggling.

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