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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seneca Hills?

Founded in 1936, Seneca Hills exists to introduce people to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to help believers grow in their faith. We host year round retreats and conferences, but the main ministry of Seneca Hills – and our true passion – is summer camp.

Where does Seneca work?

In Washington State, the Bay Area, the Central Coast, and Southern California, Seneca’s team is growing as our community and school partnerships evolve. We seek extraordinary individuals with diverse lived experience to work with the remarkable young people we serve.

What is Seneca family of agencies?

Seneca Family of Agencies is a California nonprofit mental health agency with the bold and innovative mission to provide Unconditional Care to help children and families through the most difficult times of their lives.

Why choose Seneca School-based services?

Our school-based services work to close the educational achievement gap experienced by students from low-income communities, students of color, as well as all students enrolled in special education programs. Seneca has provided mental health services for youth and families with complex and specialized needs since 1985.

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