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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Seneca College located?

One of Canada's largest college campuses, Newnham Campus, is located at Finch Avenue and the Don Valley Parkway/Highway in Toronto. Seneca College has graduated thousands of students since its inception in 1967.

What is history Seneca?

History Seneca opened in 1967 as part of a provincial initiative to establish an Ontario-wide network of colleges of applied arts and technology providing career-oriented diploma and certificate courses as well as continuing education programs to Ontario communities.

What is the Seneca International Academy?

In 2020, Seneca International Academy (SIA) was established within Markham Campus to give international students an opportunity to obtain world-class education and to meet the increasing demand for Canadian education. The academy also offers dedicated services tailored for international students.

Why choose Seneca School-based services?

Our school-based services work to close the educational achievement gap experienced by students from low-income communities, students of color, as well as all students enrolled in special education programs. Seneca has provided mental health services for youth and families with complex and specialized needs since 1985.

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