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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Seneca College blackboard?

Seneca Blackboard is the College’s one-stop online resource providing access to course materials, the option to look up resources, and the tools to communicate with teachers and other students. Utilizing portal technology, My Seneca college blackboard is customizable so that students can get just the information that they want.

What is [email protected] and how does it work?

[email protected] is our branded version of Blackboard, the official learning management system at Seneca. The use of [email protected] is a requirement for all of the courses at the college, as explained in the [email protected] Minimum Requirements Policy.

Why Seneca for international students?

Seneca is proud to welcome thousands of international students from around the world each year to learn side-by-side with Canadian students. Learn more about how international applications are reviewed and offers of admissions are extended.

How do I add my course outline to [email protected]?

1. Log into [email protected] at This video will help you get oriented with [email protected] 2. To add your course outline to [email protected], you first need to locate your course outline. Go to the Seneca Subject Outline System and enter your course code or title at the top, then select your school.

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