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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the 2021 SEA Games held?

The 2021 SEA Games, officially known as the 31st Southeast Asian Games and commonly is a regional multi-sport event that will take place in Vietnam in 2021. Click here for the Selection Criteria for 31 st SEA Games, Hanoi, Vietnam

What are the SEAP Games?

The SEAP Games was conceptualized by Luang Sukhum Nayaoradit, then Vice-President of the Thailand Olympic Committee. The proposed rationale was that a regional sports event will help promote co-operation, understanding, and relations among countries in the Southeast Asian region.

What are the Southeast Asian Games?

The Southeast Asian Games is one of the five subregional Games of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). The others are the Central Asian Games, the East Asian Youth Games, the South Asian Games, and the West Asian Games. The Southeast Asian Games owes its origins to the South East Asian Peninsular Games or SEAP Games.

Where will the 2019 SEA Games be held in the Philippines?

While games were held in various cities, mostly in the Clark, Metro Manila and the Subic Bay areas, there is no designated host city for this edition alternately known as "Philippines 2019". ^ "SEA Games Federation Council confirms host countries". Retrieved 19 November 2020. ^ "SEA Games Federation Council confirms host countries".

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