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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the sdox® be used?

However, the SDOX ® can be customized to treat nearly any body of water – from shallow streams to deep lagoons and even industrial applications. Established in 1991, Industrial Fluid Management (IFM) is a water and wastewater treatment company, serving both industrial and municipal markets.

Where can I download the SDO-X global full client?

You can download SDO-X Global Full Client HERE. Where can I register an account? You can register at HERE. Remember √ I agree to the Terms of Service and Private Policy How to bind my SDO-X Global game account with my E-mail? Tutorial link is HERE. How to change my SDO-X Global game account's password? Tutorial link is HERE.

How to change SDO-X global compatibility?

SOLUTION 2:Change SDO-X Global Compatibility 1) Right Click SDO-X Icon 2) Click Properties 3) Click Compatibility(Tab at Top) 4) Go to Compatibility Mode, TICK at Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7 or Windows 8 SOLUTION 3:Change to GOOGLE DNS Google DNS: Preferred: Alternate:

What is the maintenance time for SDO-X Global?

Normally SDO-X Global will having weekly maintenance at Thursday, time: 12pm until 2pm. In-game system Why I cannot see the latest promotion items in Item Shop? Follow the steps below:

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