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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is the SOTC tour program?

The entire tour program lies in our memory, as […] It was a real fantastic Holiday Organised by SOTC. We really enjoyed a lot. Thanks for your Help, specially would […] The tour was well organised we enjoyed the trip and was very happy with all the services. We would like to thank you for suggesting such a wonderful trip.

What is the Syracuse obedience training club?

The Syracuse Obedience Training Club, Inc. is an AKC-licensed obedience club and a New York State-registered 501 (c)3 educational corporation (organized not-for-profit). Learn more Founded in 1960, the club has nearly 300 members who have earned advanced titles in many dog sports.

Is SOTC a good holiday?

It was a good break and excellent trip to Europe and well executed by the Tour Manager. In summary, it […] We would like to thank SOTC for making our holiday to Far East a wonderful experience.

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