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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sdot stand for?

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) develops, maintains, and operates a transportation system that promotes the mobility of people and goods, and enhances the quality of life, environment, and economy of Seattle. In June 2002, SDOT was created by combining transportation planning from the former Strategic Planning Office...

How many blocks of city streets were resurfaced this year?

We resurfaced more than 200 blocks of city streets this year to help prolong their lifespan as part of our “Slurry Seal” program – check out the results! Summary: Each year, our Slurry Seal program helps preserve and maintain street pavement across the city.

Why are slope standards important in street design?

Standards for cross slopes and longitudinal slopes are important for vehicular and pedestrian safety as well as surface water conveyance. Neighborhood Yield Streets are designed as low speed and low volume streets that provide access to residences and parks. Curbs are a significant component of the right-of-way.

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