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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sdoh and why is it important?

SDOH may be positive (promote better health) or negative (undermine health). For example, income is an SDOH. Having a high income supports better health; having a low income can be an obstacle to good health. Every individual has a combination of positive, negative and neutral SDOH that directly affects their health.

How can we address SDOH?

Establish partnerships or enable other organizations to address SDoH: Successful partnerships can be formed wherever clear synergies exist such that parties have a strong self-interest to cooperate.

How can we address SDOH to achieve health equity?

Addressing SDOH to achieve health equity requires multisectoral and multilevel collaboration. Given our organizational expertise, capabilities, and congressional mandates, NCCDPHP is uniquely positioned to drive progress by addressing the following five determinants:

What is a standardized SDOH screening tool?

A standardized SDoH screening tool to establish consistency among independent payer and provider organizations 9

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