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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ausome training?

In other words, many autism training courses explain very little about Autistic people beyond out-dated and stereotypical representations. AUsome Training provides you with this missing piece because it is designed and delivered by Autistic people. Training What do our learners say about AUsome Training ?

What grants are available in South Dakota for hazardous materials training?

The following grant is most commonly available in South Dakota. The Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) grant provides funds for hazardous materials training and planning. The planning portion of the grant is available to state governments and LEPCs for hazardous materials emergency response planning and exercising.

What does the South Dakota Office of emergency management do?

The South Dakota Office of Emergency Management specializes in emergency preparedness and planning. South Dakota Office of Emergency Management coordinates response efforts in a state of emergency and for disasters.

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