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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SDO_Geom supported for two-dimensional geometries?

SDO_GEOM subprograms are supported for two-dimensional geometries only, except for the following, which are supported for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometries: SDO_GEOM.RELATE with (A) the ANYINTERACT mask, or (B) the INSIDE mask (3D support for solid geometries only)

What are the two-object operations of SDO?

Two-object operations: SDO_CLOSEST_POINTS, SDO_DISTANCE, SDO_DIFFERENCE, SDO_INTERSECTION, SDO_UNION, SDO_XOR The geometry subprograms are listed Table 24-1, and some usage information follows the table. Determines how two objects interact.

Do I need a 3D srid for geometries?

If the input data is three-dimensional and geodetic, a 3D SRID must be used for the geometries; otherwise, the results will be incorrect. The following example returns the shortest distance between cola_b and cola_d.

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