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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Salesforce a public company?

Salesforce is a publicly traded company. If you want a more specific answer, Yahoo! Finance has their major holders: Marc Benioff only owns about 7.5% and no individual holds any other major percentages.

What is the stock symbol for Salesforce?

Stock Symbol: is registered on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and it’s ticker symbol is CRM. Shares Outstanding: As of October 2013, the most recent filing available, had approximately 603 million shares of stock outstanding available to the public.

What is the outlook for Salesforce?

Salesforce for Outlook is the Salesforce supplied tool for integrating Salesforce and Outlook. It does not have any additional cost. It is software that is installed on each user’s computer and adds features to Outlook to allow synchronisation and recording emails.

When did Salesforce go public?

June 23, 2004 3:31 PM PDT. ended its first day of public trading with a whopping 56.4 percent gain Wednesday, making it the best-performing tech IPO this year. Salesforce ended the regular trading session up $6.20 at $17.20.

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