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Frequently Asked Questions

What are product bundles in Salesforce CPQ?

Product Bundle in Salesforce CPQ Products: The bundle product as well as all the sub-products included in the bundle. Product Options: A Product Option record for EACH sub-product to associate it with the bundle product. One Bundle can have many Product Options. Product Features: Optional. ... Option Constraints: Optional. ... Configuration Attribute: Optional. ...

Will Salesforce acquire Apttus CPQ?

At face value, acquiring Apttus would potentially bring Salesforce customers a sustainable CPQ solution that would span the difficult gap between mid-market and enterprise. It does not hurt that Salesforce has already invested millions in Apttus, nor that Apttus CEO Kirk Krappe has expressed significant interest in exit via a Salesforce acquisition: "We will be IPOing this year.

How does CPQ transform the sales process?

By speeding up the sales process, CPQ applications help sales organizations to reduce wasted time and protect more deals from stalling in the sales pipeline. Adding CPQ to CRM increases profitability. Adding CPQ to your existing CRM results in more profitability-both in increased revenues and increased efficiency.

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