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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Salesforce admin?

Someone wishing to become a salesforce administrator may have to complete an undergraduate college degree program in business administration, management or a related topic. People who preside over large sales teams or major markets may have to complete an advanced degree in business before being considered for this type of role.

What are the duties of a Salesforce admin?

A salesforce administrator is responsible for managing the sales activities of a company within a certain municipality or region. Administrators hire and coach sales team members and assign revenue and production goals to sales units and employees.

What does a Salesforce admin do?

A Salesforce Administrator is a business leader, deeply knowledgeable about how their company operates, intertwined in making all departments successful through process automations, and thus, integral to running a smooth & lean business. ... Salesforce Admins work hard to fight inefficiency and champion productivity.

What is Salesforce admin?

Admins keep Salesforce users trained and educated, solve complicated business problems and keep projects moving forward. A Salesforce Admin delivers creative solutions – making Salesforce users happier and the business smarter! They love to help their team be efficient and on top of things.

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