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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description for a sales specialist?

According to Job Descriptions, a sales specialist is responsible for establishing sales objectives and devising sales activities that support these objectives.

Is sales a good career?

So, is sales a good career? Sales is a great career if you can find a great company to represent and there is a clear career path with promotional and advancement opportunities. The great thing about sales is that every industry needs salespeople to help bring in new clients as well as keep existing customers happy.

What are sales associate jobs?

Sales associates 1 work on the floor of public retail shops. They assist customers with the purchase of retail items, from initial greet to item purchase. A sales associate is responsible for walking customers through the entire buying process and ensuring the customer leaves satisfied.

Should salespeople be eligible for annual salary increases?

Yes, salespeople should be treated like other employees and be eligible for annual salary increases. Why would you want to separate them from the rest of the company that is eligible for an annual salary increase?

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