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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Catholic saints that start with C?

Carmelo Sastre Sastre St. Carmen St. Caron St. Carpias St. Carponius St. Carpophorus St. Carpophorus & Abundius St. Carpus St. Carpus St. Carterius St. Carterius St. Carthach the Elder St. Carthach the Younger Bl. Carthusian Martyrs St. Carus St. Casilda of Toledo St. Casimir St. Casimir of Poland Bl. Caspar and Mary Vaz St. Caspar del Bufalo Bl.

What are the names of the Saints in Alexandria?

Alexander Rawlins St. Alexander Sauli St. Alexander the Soldier St. Alexander St. Alexander St. Alexander St. Alexander St. Alexandra and Companions St. Alexandra St. Alexandra of Alexandria Bl. Alexandrina Maria da Costa St. Alexis St. Alexis Falconieri Bl.

What is a name that starts with the letter C?

And, the uniqueness of this letter is that even though the name you choose may start with the letter C, the sound may actually be a K (Candace), S (Celine), Ch (Chelsea), Sh (Charlotte), or even J (Cansu). According to recent statistics, the following are the most popular girls’ names that start with C: 1. Charlotte.

What are the names of St Adrian's?

St. Adelphus St. Adelphus St. Adeodatus St. Adeodatus II St. Aderald St. Adheritus St. Adjutor St. Adjutor St. Adolf of Osnabruck Bl. Adolph Kolping Sts. Adolphus and John St. Adolphus Ludigo-Mkasa St. Ado of Vienne St. Adrian Bl. Adrian Adrian II St. Adrian III Adrian IV Adrian V St. Adrian St. Adrian St. Adrian St.

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